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Prescription Medications

You may qualify for PACE or PACENET, which are discount prescription programs for senior citizens. These programs have income requirements and can help cut down on prescription drug costs.

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Help getting Medical Assistance

At MIG, we'll also help you enroll in state-offered medical assistance which is based on your income. Together we can lower your drug costs and assist where you may not be covered entirely under Medicare.

Low - No cost Diabetic Supplies

Advanced Diabetic Services works with several companies to get your diabetic testing supplies delivered to your door automatically every month. Just click the button to have a representative contact you and enroll you in their services.

Sample kits available.   Call Brenda Anderson at 760-579-7210 PST

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This is a program for people with HIV, AIDS and also for people on Medicare AND NON-Medicare people. You can also get help with your expensive prescription drugs through this office even if you don't have HIV or AIDS in most cases. Scroll down to the dark blue box for more information
Some  income requirements may apply:

Call: 800-955-0989

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Kidney Disease

Pennsylvania has a unique program to help people with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). MIG will gladly help you enroll for assistance.

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