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Providing Medicare Insurance Options 

Let MIG help you select the right insurance product. What works for someone else may not be the best plan for your needs. At MIG, we'll help you find the product to meet your needs, concerns, and budget.

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  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans


Medicare Products For People Who Have Medicare

You have several companies, options, and plans from which to choose. We work with many insurance providers including:

  • Aetna
  • Coventry Health Care
  • Capital Blue Cross
  • Highmark
  • Gateway Health
  • SilverScript
  • Continental Life
  • AARP
  • United Health
  • Vibra Health

Medicare Products For People With Medicaid Also

Tell us what type of coverage you want. We'll talk and address all of your questions and concerns.

If you have Medicare and  Medicaid, different plans are available to help low-income families. These companies have unique plans just for you:

  • Gateway Health
  • United Health
  • Coventry Health Care                    (limited counties)
  • AARP

For Diabetics

Are you a diabetic? Let us connect you with a company that provides free diabetic testing supplies and new meters. This program depends on insurance company participation, and you may never have to leave your home for testing supplies again, click Free Service for more information.

Prescription Medications

Several prescription plans are available through Aetna, Coventry, Silver Scripts Highmark and AARP.

Please check the Free Services for more information on discounted products you may qualify for:


Dental Plans


DAY 1 Coverage on all dental procedures!
Age 8 to 80! Rates based on zip code, NOT AGE
Coverages from $1,000 to $2,000
Over 500,000 providers

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